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Client Testimonials

Dave Augustine completed our modular home quickly and on budget as promised. We recently hosted a block party at the house and were happy to see the reactions and hear the positive comments of our neighbors as they toured our new Augustine Seashore Modular home. No one can believe the story of this house, you simply have to walk through it to believe what you see. The wrap around 2nd floor deck with views of the bay along with the incredible vaulted ceilings of the family room and kitchen have created areas we love to spend as much time in as possible. “Thank you David”.
Rowland & Vikki Reeve
Avalon, NJ

David Augustine completed a complicated house lift and renovation of our 3 family beach Triplex. The property had many issues all of which were solved through David’s expert guidance / creativity and superb workmanship. We interviewed many other top builders in Cape May county and feel we ended up with the best by far “Augustine Builders”. Not only was Dave our builder but has also since turned into a good friend of our family as well.
Jim & Barbara DiFazio
North Wildwood, NJ

Dear Dave,
I just wanted to take this opportunity to say “Thank You Very Much” . Our new home at 78th street in Avalon has turned out just as beautiful as could possibly be expected. Your relentless pursuit of perfection, high quality work and ease of communication in dealing with you has been a complete blessing to me and my sister Pat. We would be pleased to talk to any other customer’s of yours to explain how good we feel about you and Augustine Builders. We had no idea what a pleasant journey this undertaking would be and we have no one but you to thank for this experience. Keep in touch and good luck to you.
Penny Brand
Avalon, NJ

Dear Dave,
Both Diane and I are truly elated with our new Avalon home. We found you to be extremely knowledgeable and professional throughout all stages of construction. Most of all we were greatly impressed by your excellent communication skill, which was certainly vital in undertaking a project of this scale. Once again Dave, it was a pleasure working with you.
Tom & Diane Hanak
Avalon, NJ

Augustine Builders so far has completed three large scale construction projects for our family in Stone Harbor NJ. We loved working with David and would suggest his excellent services over any other builder on the island.
Brian and Sharon Lewis
Stone Harbor, NJ

Dear Dave,
We can’t thank you enough for the beautiful seashore modular home you have created for us. We can honestly say that using a custom home builder as opposed to a modular home builder was the best choice we could have ever made.
David & Betty Simpson
Stone Harbor, NJ

Dear Dave,
We are thrilled with our house in Avalon, New Jersey! We enjoyed working with you and appreciated your updating us each step of the way during the construction phase. Thank you so much for contributing your knowledge and enthusiasm to our project. We feel that you committed yourself 100% and the end product is certainly evident of that. Additionally, we appreciated your attention to detail and pushing to get us in for the summer! We also recognize that you and our architect, Will Haryslak, devoted additional time and energy to making sure that our house complied with the recently revised Avalon building code. In short, you did a great job! Many, many thanks and our best wishes to you and your family.
Gretchen and David Barber
Avalon, NJ

Dear Dave,
Thank you so much for the beautiful house you have built for us. Augustine Builders was the best decision I made regarding the construction of my new home. Your company handled every aspect in meticulous fashion and with minimal effort on my part. If you ever need to have a customer walk thru my home or give you a referral, I would be happy to return the favors you have bestowed upon us during the construction of our home and be proud to display your work.
Respectfully Yours,
Chris Emery
Avalon, NJ

(Originally written to William Haryslak Architect)
Dear Will,
My newly renovated home is now completed and I just wanted to say “Thank You” for the beautiful design that your firm developed for us. Your new plan for our 3rd floor addition has completely transformed our home into a whole new living experience that my wife and I never expected. Additionally I would also like to extend many thanks for recommending Augustine Builders to handle the demolition and construction phase of the renovation. David Augustine has been the most thorough and quality oriented contractor I have ever met. His work was absolutely flawless and his price for the job was right in line with the budget. I hope to use your firm as well Augustine Builders again in the future. Keep up the good work and stop by and see us this summer.
Richard Schnabel
Avalon, NJ

We hired Dave to rebuild our 45 year old all wood home in Avalon and from day one we knew we had hired an attentive Builder who worries about the details, does exactly what he says he is going to do, and works for the client every day! Being a legacy home, we wanted to preserve certain design elements of our former home such as reuse of stone fireplace and a few internal features, which he did with great care. When the project was competed, we had a new home that was the talk of the town with people walking by every day to admire the workmanship. Thank You Dave for your hard work and caring spirit, we could not be more pleased with the result!
Philip Grande
Avalon, NJ

From the initial contact to the finished project, it was a pleasure to work with Augustine Builders. Not only was the quality of their work absolutely first class but they took the time to explain the entire process and make sure that every little detail was just right. A big plus for me, was that Dave was always available for questions or concerns that myself or my wife may have had. They stayed on time and on budget. In the end, we would recommend Augustine Builders and would gladly use them again.
Mike and Annmarie English
Avalon, NJ

Our family recently completed working with Dave beginning with the demolition of our 50 year old house through the designing and building our new home in Stone Harbor. Dave brings an incredible amount of knowledge of building techniques and materials, as well as experienced resources to the table throughout the entire process. Dave was quick to respond to any issues and always offered options for us to consider. He made it a point to always think forward and prepare us for upcoming decisions that had to be made. Dave understood our budget and always kept that in mind as work progressed. It was a pleasure working with him throughout the entire process.
Scott and Susan Winkles
Stone Harbor, NJ